Schaefer Sisters - Family Portrait

According to the motto "It's a lot of fun to do it as a family!" the sisters became big names in the Hunter scene - Samantha and Madeline Schaefer. At the past month's events such as several weeks of Ocala Winter Spectacular and the National Horse Show last year they showed their great talent and brought home lots of wins and trophies. Regarding her standout results, Samantha received the Grand Champion Professional Hunter & Meralex Farm Leading Hunter Rider Award. Talking about her top horses In The Know and Trademark, who enabled these successes, Samantha says “they complement each other very well. Trademark is my young superstar, sometimes a bit green. On In The Know I can always count - he is the veteran in my pocket back. ” Samantha’s sister Madeline is announced to Grand Champion Amateur-Owner Hunter. Her top horse Sutton Place just moved to the family this summer and during only six horse shows Madeline and he became a great team. Madeline says “He just does his thing. It’s awesome to have a horse like him! “. By the way - who thinks that the sisters work out their horses all year is wrong. Instead, they grant their horses a well-deserved vacation after showing. “When the horses do something well, they go in the paddock for a few weeks. Then they will go to Florida sometime next month“, Samantha explains. We’re already excited to see the Schaefer sisters again on further competitions where they can show their family power. Tune in! Until then let’s remember some special show moments from them through this playlist.