Karl Cook - "You have to be a reductionist and take it down to the most important thing"

Karl Cook comes from a family, where horses being part of. The family-own Pomponio Ranch is located in San Diego, California, and is popular for its top-class showjumpers. Karl himself got the “equine fever” when he was only eight years old and got trained by his mother, who also competed successfully. Later Karl went to France to train with Eric Navet and started his professional equestrian career. In the following, he collected lots of national and international successes, like the $25,000 “InIt2WinIt” Jumper Speed Stake at the Las Vegas National Horse Show 2019. At last weekend’s show in Del Mar, Karl left everyone behind and won the $100.000 Riders Cup Grand Prix. Behind these successes stand Karl’s passion for horses and his willingness to improve during small steps. Margeaux Day, horse show manager at the family’s own ranch, praises Karl for “not hesitating to break something down to basics to understand it”. Karl himself says that “if you’re prepared and do a good job, it will happen”. And it happened for Karl - deep partnerships with his horses which lead in success. Let’s relive a few of his golden moments through this playlist!