Jean Bemelmans- The Old Masters New York

Frank Henning, the organizer and inventor of the nationwide successful equestrian forums, had another idea with which he met with a lot of approval. He was able to win over the most experienced riders and trainers, the "old masters" of the equestrian sport scene, for a very special series of lectures. Frank Henning was able to give a total of 24 top-class speakers, such as Jean Bemelmans and other "old masters" are enthusiastic about his "Horsemanship" series. These are the "shining examples" of the equestrian scene. Frank Henning's idea is based on visitor surveys that he had carried out at the equestrian forums. Many equestrian enthusiasts are interested in the old, traditional methods and would like to learn more about them. They miss the "shining examples" of equestrian sport. Under the heading "Horsemanship - yesterday and today" and the subtitle "The successful training of the horse, taking into account decades of experience", there is a series that deals with training issues as well as dealing with the horse, with experiences that are beyond common Go beyond specialist literature that very few people in the world have access to. "Horsemanship" is carried out in riding facilities as a live demonstration and in-car dealerships in the form of lectures. Every evening there is a speaker who deals intensively with visitors' questions. Frank Henning: "Where else do you as a 'normal mortal' rider have the chance to learn from one of these masters."