Michael Hughes

With two professional riders as parents, Michael Hughes entered the horse world at an early age. After riding ponies, he transitioned to horses, started to compete and collected outstanding successes. Michael gained experience from well-knowing professionals like Missy Clark and also rode for the Oakland Stables in Wellington, Florida. In 2013, the US Equestrian Federation (USEF) presented him with the Show Jumping Talent Award. At the age of 19, Michael moved to Europe where he trained in Germany with Dietmar Gugler and in Belgium rode for the Ashford Farm. In the Following, Michael achieved several outstanding results in 2* and 3* classes as well as in Grand Prix competitions and represented his country in Nations Cup of Rotterdam. In September 2020, Michael joined the Stephex Stables team in Belgium, where he works with the best show jumpers of the world, like for example Daniel Deusser. Let's remember Michael's best rounds through this playlist!