Bluman Brothers - Family Portrait

The Bluman Brothers and cousins consist of Daniel, Ilan, Steven, and Mark. They are originally from Columbia. All, except Steven, started riding from the age of 3 years, Steven touch upon riding rather later and then turned to the management of the horses They manage "Bluman equestrian" together and function in various separate roles within the business. All of the 4 men ride on a professional level! Daniel competes most active and most successful internationally. All of them won uncountable prices on national and international levels. Mark and Ilan were incredibly successful in Junior and Children's Jumper competitions, they received titles as "World Children's Jumper Champion" and "Columbian Children's National Champion". Their family-run business turns out to be a huge success! Daniel is preparing for the next Olympic games and traveling through the world to compete at the greatest competitions! We love to see how these Brothers get along so well, to work together every day!