The Beisels - Family Portrait

Ohio athlete David Beisel has been training riders of all ages from the beginner to Grand Prix levels since 1999. He actively shows in the Grand Prixs, Hunter Derbies and everything in between. Last year, he made his name again when winning both the WEC $25.000 Grand Prix as well as the $7500 Futures Prix at the World Equestrian Center. But David's not the only Beisel in the family, who's home in the saddle: His wife Paige is also passioned about horses since young age and is regularly competing successfully in the Amateur Owner Hunters. Together, David and Paige own and operate David Beisel Stables out of Goshen, Ohio. No surprise, that they both gave the "equestrian fever" to their kids, Cooper and Izzy Beisel. The two are also competing in Pony and Children Hunter classes and we're excited to follow their way. These weeks, all the four Beisels are showing in the new World Equestrian Center in Ocala. In this playlist, we've collected some highlight show moments of them!