Aaron Vale - Double Top at Ocala Winter Spectacular

Showjumping athlete Aaron Vale was unstoppable in the first week of the Winter Spectacular in Ocala. The native Texan and his top horses, family owned Thinkslikeahorse’s Elusive as well as Sleepy P Ranch LLC’s Major made Sunday’s main competition their own: Both duo’s showed clear and fast rounds in the $75,000 Grand Prix 1.50m and ended up in the first and second place! Aaron and his horses were already in top form in 2020 and won many Grand Prix competitions in the eastern USA. Asking him about his mounts, Aaron said that “Elusive’s a special horse in our family. Major is a horse of Don Stewart’s and is for sale. I’ve had a lot of success on him over the past few years. He seems to like this arena, so I hope to ride him a bit longer. ” The double top was special for Aaron, as he lives in Ocala and it was the first Grand Prix in the new built World Equestrian Center - “No matter the success I have in the future, I can always say that I won the first grand prix at World Equestrian Center, “Aaron said in the interview after his big success. In addition to the Grand Prix, Aaron marked another achievement on his list. He and 13yo Candro van de Zuuthoeve also left everyone behind in the 1.45m Jumper Classic and took home the win. We definitely have our eyes on Aaron over the few next weeks of the Winter Spectacular! Let’s relive his winning streak through this playlist!