Santiago Lambre

Santiago Lambre is a Mexican equestrian show jumping rider born July 23, 1975, and broad up in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He started riding with 5 under the influence of a horseman farther Nestor Lambre Lavapeur! He spent his teens with highly successful competitive riding in South America. As he turned 18 he introduced himself to international events in Belgium and all over Europe. He was triumphant in uncountable competitions with the reputation of being able to transform any horse into a world-class champion! Lambre represented Mexico among others in the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000, the Panamerican Games in Rio de Janeiro 2007, and 2014 in the World Equestrian Games in Normandy! Currently, his most successful horses include Comtess, Ibabco, Doloris, and Easy Girl! The year 2021 started with a strike of winning over 5 top competitions plus countless Top 10 placements!