Hengstschau des Blue Hors Stud

2020-03-28T14:00:00+01:00 in Randbol / Denemarken

Due to Corona Virus the authorities announce cancellation of major events with many participants.
This will also affect our Open House on the 28'th of March.

We will however still have our Open House (Here we will show the stallion collection of the year.) - but it will be without public access. 
In return, everyone will have FREE access to watch unedited LIVE transmission via Clip My Horse - so you see the stallions like you were there yourself.

At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions at our skilled breeding advisers or sign up for breeding advice immediately after the LIVE transmission.

In addition to LIVE transmission, there will also be other events such as competitions - great offers on stallioncoverings as well on CARE products.

“It's unfortunate that we can't show the stallions with the audience, but we have a top professional production team and skilled helpers who will ensure that you get a unique experience at home behind the screen.

"We take the recommendations we get from the Prime Minister very seriously, and I am sure everyone will be able to understand that it is the right decision in the given situation. "
- says Breeding director Martin Klavsen

The following stallions will be shown at Open House

Blue Hors Dalian
Blue Hors Farrell
Blue Horse's Fortron
Blue Hors Kingston
Blue Hors Zackerey
Blue Hors Monte Carlo
Blue Horses Zackorado
Blue Hors Fifty Cent