Trainer: Christoph Hess
Length: 31:08 Minutes

Strategic Canter Training: Christoph Hess's Approach to Counter Canter and Developing Strength

Lynn and the 7-year-old "Glitzerflitzer" are working with Christoph Hess on mastering simple transitions and the counter canter. 

After a thorough warm-up, they begin with canter-trot transitions to encourage the horse to engage and collect before progressing to canter-walk transitions. Maintaining a clear rhythm and hind leg activity is crucial during transitions. A well-collected horse eliminates the need to slow down before a transition. Lynn emphasizes the importance of releasing the reins rather than holding onto them during transitions, allowing the horse to execute smooth and proper transitions. Christoph Hess advises riders to incorporate more steps of walk during their training sessions compared to what they would typically do in a competition setting.

The training progresses to counter canter, with an effective exercise involving lengthening strides on the long side before transitioning to a collected state and establishing a strong working canter. Christoph Hess cautions against initiating counter canter too early in a horse's training. It's essential for horses to develop sufficient strength to maintain balance, rhythm, and hind leg activity while executing counter canter. This strategic approach ensures a solid foundation and promotes the horse's overall well-being and performance.

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