Trener: Ludo Philippaerts
Lengde: 10:38 minutter

Prepare for takeoff; Course variations to prepare for shows

Prepare for takeoff; Course variations to prepare for shows

Showing can be a stressful experience for a lot of horses. To prevent this four-time Olympian Ludo Philippaerts likes to slow down training before a show, instead focussing on making sure the horse is confident in his jumping and relaxed throughout the course. During the Media Day by Veredus he works on riding a full course together with his son Anthony, keeping the jumps rather small but adding a lot of variation throughout the training. After completing the course in its original form, they add circles, sometimes jumping the same jumps twice. For the last variation they jump the original course - but this time backwards. All of these variations make sure to keep the horse working physically and mentally, while simultaneously improving rideabiliy and suppleness.

Equestrian sports and family go hand in hand for Ludo Philippaerts, true to his family's motto “we live horses”. The belgian showjumper and four-time Olympian lives and breathes horses, devoting his life to showing and training horses and riders, working closely with his four sons.

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