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2020-05-29T15:00:00+02:00 - 2020-06-01T16:00:00+02:00 in Wiesbaden / Allemagne

LONGINES Horse Show in Wiesbaden canceled due to corona pandemic

The organizers of the Wiesbaden Riding Club have decided to cancel the traditional horse show due to the corona pandemic this year.

"It was a very difficult decision for us," said WRFC President Kristina Dyckerhoff. “But after long concideration, we decided to take this step because we believe it is the right decision - first and foremost for the safety and health of people, but also for our partners, riders and spectators and for the WRFC itself. Nobody can actually predict how the pandemic will develop these days. Large events were already prohibited here in Hesse on March 12, no one knows how long this ban will last. ”

An early decision must be made for everyone involved, says Dyckerhoff. "This is the only way we can keep the financial damage within reasonable limits and provide planning security." For riders and horses, too, she emphasized, an early decision was the fairest option.

Of course, the board of the WRFC also spoke about the possibility of organizing the event without spectators, but rejected this idea. "An empty park, empty stands - that would not be the traditional Pfingstturnier, especially since the event would not be financially viable for us and our partners without spectators," explains the President.

The event welcomes around 60,000 visitors every year, many from abroad. The 84th Pfingstturnier would have been held this year. Many regular guests had already bought their tickets. The 2020 tickets can easily be kept, they are automatically valid for 2021. If you wish, you can of course return them and the ticket price will be refunded.

The WRFC wishes everyone lots of strength for the coming weeks and looks forward to seeing you again at the LONGINES PfingstTurnier Wiesbaden 2021 from May 21st to 24th.

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