Trainer: Christian Kukuk
Length: 10:10 Minutes

Controlled can also mean fast; Christian's favourite exercise for the best time.

Controlled can also mean fast; Christian's favourite exercise for the best time.

The second training session with Christian Kukuk is all about having the best control over your horse in oder to ride fast. Some riders have the talent to ride courses fast by nature but most of them had to learn it and this exercise has definitively proven its effect. Christian really likes to play with this exercise and have a good time with the horse and make riding fast a familiar task. Besides that, there is no need to build up high courses or jumping high fences to practice riding jump-offs. All you need is this exercise!

About Christian Kukuk
Christian Kukuk is working for the LB Stables team for 9 years. In his younger years he always wanted to become a soccer player but then discovered his passion for the equestrian sport. Good for us! Because today he is one of the most successful riders of Germany and has participated in his first Olympic Games in 2021. 

About LB Stables
In Riesenbeck, Ludger Beerbaum has build up an extraordinary equestrian facility with everything that the equestrian sport stand for; breeding, education, training, sales and the sport performance. Next to Ludger, Philipp Weishaupt and Christian Kukuk are part of the team.

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