Trainer: Dr. Katie Flynn
Length: 08:20 Minutes

Biosecurity Post Competition

In this Learning Center video, Katie Flynn explains what biosecurity measures to take after a competition. These include disinfecting equipment and supplies, leaving behind any unused supplies such as hay or bedding, and isolating your horse upon return to your home premises. Leather tack and bridles should be cleaned and left outside in the sunlight so the UV light can act as a disinfectant. When using a chemical disinfectant, follow the manufacturer's labeled instruction.


Katie Flynn, BVMS

Senior Veterinarian Equine Health and Biosecurity, US Equestrian

Dr. Katie Flynn joined U.S. Equestrian in 2023. Prior to joining USEF, Dr. Flynn was the Kentucky State Veterinarian, a role she assumed in 2020 when she was working as the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's (KDA) Deputy State Veterinarian. Dr. Flynn came to Kentucky by way of California, where she worked for 18 years as an animal health official, primarily with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

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