Entrenador: Imke Schlömer
Duración: 15:23 minutos

Correct hand positioning and rein aids: Exercises for upright hands

Correct hand positioning and rein aids: Exercises for upright hands 

Our hands are our connection to our horse’s mouth, one of the most sensitive parts of their body. The goal should be a constant, soft connection with our reins. Often, we tend to twist our hands, with the result that our aids start to be less effective and subtle. How we can improve our hands while riding, shows Imke Schlömer in this video!

Imke Schlömer is a physical therapist for horse and human. She focuses on the functional movement of riders, and developed with colleagues the principle of “Kastner Motion”, which focuses on the training of the rider’s seat. For the ClipMyHorse.TV Academy Imke accompanied several riders with their horses and explains motion sequences and connections of rider and horse. For more information about Imke click here! 

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