Spruce Meadows Masters CSIO5* - Rolex Grand Slam

2019-09-04T17:30:00+02:00 - 2019-09-08T19:45:00+02:00 in Calgary / Canada

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The eyes of the world are focused on Spruce Meadows as the best athletes from the world's top show jumping nations compete for prize money and international acclaim during the Spruce Meadows 'Masters'.

We are going to present you the Nations Cup of Canada and the Rolex Grand Prix, which is one of the four stations of the Rolex Grand Slam of Showjumping. 

The Grand Slam of Showjumping connects the Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen, Calgary, 's-Hertogenbosch and Genève.

Who can win in Genève and get the chance to win the popular bonus? As of today, Scott Brash is the only rider to have won the Grand Slam, which he managed between December 2014 and September 2015 with Hello Sanctos.

The bonus cycle for each athlete starts at the moment of her/his first win in a Rolex Grand Slam Grand Prix:

- Four victories in a row : bonus of 2'000'000€
- Three victories in a row: bonus of 1'000'000€
- Two victories in a row: bonus of 500'000€
- Two victories in a period of four successive GP: bonus of 250'000€