Löwen Classics Braunschweig

2015-03-19T09:00:00+01:00 - 2015-03-22T18:15:00+01:00 in Braunschweig / Germany


Four days, four world ranking show jumps and four stars.


For the past thirteen years the Braunschweig Löwen Classics rank among the most beautiful indoor showjumping events in Germany – taking place in Braunschweig’s Volkswagen Halle. The variety within the showjumping program, a world class sport, an inviting exhibition and the relaxed and professional atmosphere and flair of Löwen Classics turn the tournament into a unique event each year.




The kick-off takes place on Thursday with the German Indoor Championship of the ‘Landesmeister’ and the German Championship of the ‘Landesverbände’ – presented by Öffentliche Versicherung. The following days are filled with an athletic mix of a national and international program of showjumping and dressage, the regional championship of the ‘Bezirksverbände’, the ‘Amateur-Tour’ as well as the HGW-Championship for young talents and the U25 Tour. Towards the weekend the program is changing to international tests with world class level. The stars of the world league compete for the popular Veolia Championship and for the ‘Preis der DKB’ Championship. The tournament’s highlight is known as the ‘Großer Preis von Volkswagen’. By this time of the tournament the Volkswagen Halle has turned into a lion’s den with an inflamed atmosphere.