52. Trakehner Hengstmarkt

2014-10-17T08:30:00+02:00 - 2014-10-19T22:00:00+02:00 in Neumünster / Germany
Strict selection - Exquisite Stallion Collection at the Trakehner Stallion Market  

Trakehner Hengstmarkt - stallion approval and auction at the Holstenhallen, Neumünster. 

“Yes, they have to be of perfect quality”, admits Lars Gehrmann, breeding manager and CEO of the Trakehner association. “We will inspect about 50 young stallions for the approval.” 
A rigorous selection for future sires of the new foal generation is mandatory for the selection committee. Sportiness, quality of movement and future prospects of inheritance are three of several criteria. “We will see descendants of successful stallions in the international sport."

Further information on http://www.trakehner-verband.de.