Jumping Indoor Maastricht

2013-11-29T14:00:00+01:00 - 2013-12-01T15:00:00+01:00 in MECC in Maastricht / Germany
From 29 November until 1 December you can admire the most well-known horses and riders in the Maastricht Congress Centre MECC. The Limburg, national and international top riders will be present at JIM. Top-class sport is combined with various shows and entertainment. 

As announced before, a new organization is busy putting the once so successful equestrian sports event back on the calendar. JIM will be restored in all its splendour and offer top-class sport in a pleasant atmosphere. 

From 29 November until 1 December the most well-known horses and riders can be admired in the Maastricht Congress Centre MECC. Of course, the best Limburg riders will get the opportunity to bring their horses at the start. 

National coach Rob Ehrens is also very enthusiastic about the initiative and will present the best Dutch riders during JIM. 

With the new start of JIM there is a modern, adapted logo developed by well-known artist Marli Hommel. The artist from the Limburg town Cadier en Keer has an intimate connection with horses and her passion can be seen in her works of art having the horse as a theme. With a lot of passion and enthusiasm she has worked on the new JIM logo. 

On the website www.jumpingindoormaastricht.com ticket sales has started today. JIM will be open to a broad public. Prices of the tickets vary from € 10 to € 25. 

The Province of Limburg and the municipality of Maastricht support the initiative to organize once more an equestrian sports event in Maastricht. Limburg is a leading region in the field of equestrian sports and a competition for the world’s top-class riders matches excellently with this ambition. Recently, well-known Swiss watchmaker Longines and car manufacturer Audi have committed themselves as main sponsors. In addition, Dutch banker Rabobank, Hair Science Institute and a number of other sponsors have joined by now. 

For more information www.jumpingindoormaastricht.com or by telephone +31 43 3560376.