Swiss Breed Classic 2019

2019-11-16T13:00:00+01:00 in Aarau / Switzerland

About 200 horses participated in the field performance test “Riding” in Switzerland in 2019. The best of them are qualified for the Swiss Breed Classic SBC. The SBC will take place on Saturday, 16.11.2019, in the riding arena Schachen in Aarau.The event will be organized by the Regional Horse Breeding societyBremgarten and the Breeding Federation of the Swiss Warmblood (Zuchtverband CH-Sportpferde ZVCH).

34 horses are registered for the competition in free jumping (jumping) and 24 horses for the competition in the gaits (dressage).They all represent modern European genetics. Many of them are for sale. They will be judged by well-known experts from abroad and from Switzerland.

The best eight horses in free jumping and the best four horses in the gaits are allowed to show their qualities to a very large audience during the Superfinale at the CHI Geneva in the middle of December.

The schedule and the list of the horses can be found at