Black Friday - Flemminge Gård

2018-11-24T12:00:00+01:00 in Norrköping / Sweden

Black Friday 24 Nov 2018 of quality horses
Horses participating (Prices in brackets are for members of the club Fölfabriken) More information at


Florencson F, hingst e. Johnson u. Florence e. Florencio - Frieherr

Price 80,000SEK (72,000SEK)

Mum Florencia was sold to Oldenburg's Elitfölauktion to Sofia Möller and Peter Falk. Florencia has an approved brother, Divertimento (Donatelli I). Grandmother Tina, is a sister with approved Golden Stallion (Goldstern) stallion and is introduced to Oldenburg's as well as the three-line stoneline. From the same pedigree there are a number of approved stallions and horseback riding horses like Dartagnan, Canaster I and II, Inselfurst and many others.
Grandfather Frieherr has 2 heels who are also approved Furest Agram and Furi Agram.
Tin Rocco comes from the incredibly successful Holsteiner the stalemate 2165 as the hop stall Baltimore, the dressage stallions Fior, Ruch Hour and Floriscount with many more descendants from.

 Florencias foal:
2014. Filip F hingst (e. Zaladin MI). Filip F was sold at Elitföuktionen 2014 to Jan Brink / Hannell Dressage AB
2016. Fragrance F, Stallion (e.Grey Flanell) Sold at Elitfölauktionen to Anna Zibrandtsen, Denmark.

Lasilla's Alba F was born at Flemminge Farm. Her
Mum Aurea LS La Silla has competed empty 1.45. In her stalemate there are several top-class horses such as Carla de Balou and Grannenfels who are also approved stallions together with Graneur, Ampezzo et al.
Allwin F is Lasilla's Albas first foal and the idea is now that Alba will compete on the racecourses.

Allwin F, hingst e. I´m Very Special F u. Lasillas Alba F e. Silber Sky F - Montealban  Pris 60 000SEK (52 000SEK)

Chini con Yanic F, hingst e. Emerald van´t Ruytershof u. Chini con Londia F e. Nabab de Reve – Chin Chin  Pris 75 000SEK (67 500SEK)

Mama Chini con Londia F was born at Flemminge Farm. Her mother Diamant v / t Dauwhof was born in Belgium at Willy Denolf. Diamond has left five, yet relatively young offspring, and in 2012, Chini con Kannan F was sold to SWB's Elitfölauktion. In 2017 the brother was sold Chini con Optimum F e. Armitage to Henrik Klatte, Germany
In 2015, Chini con Cumelus F (Silber Sky F) was the highest rated jumpfielder in Sweden. He received this year's jump diploma but 8.5,5 in jumping.
Grandmother Westy has also left a progeny competing in 145 jumping as well as a stand with Verbandspremie. Diamond has a brother who is a certified stallion, Jappelloup v / t Dauwhof (Echo van het Neerenbosch) Champion of the 2012 Belgian Warmblood Stallion Licensing.
Grandma's mother Westy has jumped 1.40 before she was taken to breeding.
Diamond's sister Gazelle by Dauwhof (Cicero Z of Paemel) jumps 1.45. Sister Clarissa (Charisma) has Verbandsprämie.
Grandmother's mother Westy has a sibling who passed 1.50, Gimosa (e.Gigant) also has the offspring Gamona (e. Grundstein I) jumping 1.60. Gamona, in turn, has 8 registered descendants where two jump 1.60 and three jump 1.50. Impressive!
Chini con Londia F jumped himself 9-9 on the three year test and a total of 50 p and diploma as a jumping horse. Now start riding to get on the racecourses.

Amazing H & M Actrice W is the mother of this little guy, Alléno F.
The only double zero at the World Cup competitions in Kentuckey with Malin Baryrd - Johnsson in the saddle. Go to the link below to watch movies on Actrice W

Allèno F, hingst e. Carême u. H&M Actrice W e. Ars Vivendi - Nobelprice Price 75 000SEK (67 500SEK)

I´m Capabel, hingst e. I´m Very Special F u. Capella e. Cappucino - Cardento

Pris 70 000SEK (-) Seller Jolg AB

Info about the mare:
I'm Capable is a foal with strong mates. Mum, grandmother, and grandmother have all competed in hard jumping. Mamma Capella was raced up to 150 by Åsa Frändberg until an injury put a stop to the career. Grandmother Carmen Miranda competed up to 150 by Emma Kåbring and grandma's grandmother Valborg was competed by Lennart Lindelöv. Both Capella and Carmen Miranda competed in Falsterbo's young horse championship. Valborg had 9-10 in jumping in the qualifying competition and was prized as Sörmland's best horse. Valborg also competed in midwifery dressage and had another offspring who participated in Falsterbo's young horse championship.


Qillian, hingst e. Silber Sky F u. Qlarissa av Pan e. Quite Easy

Price 55,000kr Seller Cecilia Andersson

Mum, Qlarissa of Pan is a selection star *, with own placements up to 130cm jumping with hobbyists.
Qlarissa's grandmother Pans Gardenia was one of Sweden's youngest Elitston, she also had a diploma. She was rewarded with Elit as one of Sweden's youngest stones. She had a number of offspring who won the three-year test, the qualifying competition, the talented hunt, Hard class dressage etc. etc. Gardenia had her own sibling in Svår Dressyr, Sv jumping and Sv Feltävlan. Dioms Desdemona i Svår field competition was one of Sweden's best horse racing horses at the time, it was a health sister to Gardenia. Qlarissa's mother was awarded a three-year test in gaits. She was also highly rewarded as a foal, she won in Jönköping County. She is now breeding, has a fifth grade diploma straight down. Qlarissa's health sister became the best drug salon in Jönköping County and then competed for MSV jumping. Another sister became one of the top horses on the quality as a jumping horse. On the meeting network there are a large number of horses that are credited to Sv dressage horses, diploma horses and youth horse contest winners etc. mm. This is the mother's first offspring. She is amazingly riding and has great psyche / lynn.



Mother Madam Mixi F was born at Flemminge Farm.
She has competed at 1.40 with her owner Annica Jansson Sundqvist.
Mixi's mother Mlle Maxima is also the mother of several horses who jumped up to 1.45.
Grandma's mother Sans Sousi has competed for international hard jumping.
Mix F F Previous Few are:

2005, Mlls Miraja F , sto (e. Chicago Z) som i sin tur har en avkomma f. 2010 FMM Mojito F (e. Zacharov). Miraja tävlar 1.40. Ryttare är Madelein Larsen. Madam Mixi är nu dräktig med I´m Very Special F

Mlle Maori F, sto e. Gisborne u. Madam Mixi F e. Cardento - Maximus

Movies as a foal
Price 64,000 SEK (-) Seller JRE Häst- och Ryttarutbildning AB

Breeding mare

Tindra (12), sto f.2010 e. Fetcher N u. Tiri e. Turban Rose. Har föl vid sidan e. Grandorado (ej till salu)

Price 25,000 SEK Private Owners (-) Seller Anna Gustafsson


Tindra(12) sto f 2010
Fetcher n- Tiri(12)- Turban rose

Tindra is a selection team, blueprint 128, received a Hoppdiplom 9-8.5 49p total at 3 year test.
Tindra comes from a strong meeting, mainly in the field competition, including starting hours, senior nm and winning folksam scandinavia open jumping for fölston. Tindra's grandmother Tosca is elite premier. More info about Tindra's mates and achievements can be found here
She has got 2 foals, both stones. Easy to get pregnant and have births without complications

Born 2016
Chini con Omnes F, hingst e. Kashmir van de Shuttershof u. Diamant vd Dauwhof e. Chin Chin


Chini con Omnes F är född på Flemminge Gård.

Mamma Diamant v / t Dauwhof was born in Belgium with Willy Denolf. Diamond has a well-known stallion, Jappelloup v / t Dauwhof (Echo van het Neerenbosch) He is Champion of the 2012 Belgian Warmblood Stallion Licensing and competes successfully in his age class. Sister to Diamond is Gazelle v / t Dauwhof (Cicero Z van Paemel) who jumps at 1.45. Sister is also Clarissa (e. Charisma) has Verbandsprämie.
Mamma Diamant's other foals are:

2011, Chini con Carême F, fall (e. Carême). Winner of Fölchampionatet. Owned and competed by Cornelia Rylén

2012, Chini con Kannan F, stood (Kannan) Sold at Elitföuktionen to Jan Brink and Hannelldressage. China con Kannan F is this year's F-HORSE 2018.

2014, Chini con Londia F, jumped 9-9 on three-year test, a total of 50 p. She herself follows 2018 e. Emerald van't Ruytershof called Chini con Yanic F

2015, Chini con Cumelus F, Stallion (Silber Sky F) Highest Rated Hope 2015

2017, Chin con Optimum F, Stallion (Armitage) sold at Elitflouuktionen to Henrik Klatte, Germany.


If you are a member of our club Fölfabriken, you will receive another 10% of the above prices on the horses owned by Flemminge Gård. Other horses included are owned by members in Fölfabriken. You must be a member from 1 Oct 2018. Membership price is in brackets and is exl moms. The horses that are on auction do not have a 10% discount



Chacco Blue                              Lucky Star Cassini II

Seller Hanna Larsson and Nissekalle Gustavsson

The embryo has been moved to a carrier!

The biological mother is wonderful Lucky Star. She is e. Cassini II u. Lucky Me Z e. Lux Z u. Lucky Lena e. Cortus u. Touch of Luck e. Santa's Sleigh xx and ridden now by the granddaughter's young daughter.
Lucky Star has 4 offspring since and two years of Lucky Lady action Blue will be here on Black Friday as a representative of his future sibling.
Lucky Star's sister is the famous Lucky Lisa breeder Nygårdens stutteri and veterinary practice HB, owner Nissekalles Hovslageri. Lucky Lisa's career starts with amazing results already as a 9- 9 year-old in jumping, diploma and winner of the Breeder Finals at Flyinge 2013. Even as 4 years old Lucky Lisa took her eyes when she also won the 4-year championship. As a five-year-old, she participated in the Youth Horse World Cup at Zangersheide. In 2016, cooperation with Alexander and Aisling Zetterman began. As 6 years old she was placed 6 on Breeders with 0 + 1 + 0, qualifying for the Lövsta Future Challenge on Scandinavium to final and the result was 0 + 0 + 4. Now like 8 years old, Lucky Lisa has left her first 1.50 and is the highest ranked 8 year in Sweden.
In Lucky Stars stostam there are several horses contestants in 1.50 and 1.60 such as Mrs Quinn, Shannon Dale and Swedish-born Manhattan, scratched by Fabio Crotta (SUI)
Two approved stallions Black and Amber Flight and Carroll's Flight are also found in the stall.


Stallion information

Chacco Blue is undoubtedly one of the world's absolutely outstanding stallions. He had the most out of the World Cup this year and the number of people who will come with Chacco Blue as a father is extremely limited as there is no semin left after him and there have never been any amounts. This embryo is therefore unique!

Chacco Blue är e. Chambertin – Contender – Godavari xx

Quarterhit                                Florencio


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