Hannoveraner Hengstkörung und Hengstmarkt 2017

2017-10-26T09:00:00+02:00 - 2017-10-28T10:00:00+02:00 in Verden / Germany

Stallion Licensing highly anticipated Hanoverian stallion prospects of extraordinary quality Verden. It is one of the true highlights of the year: The Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and the Stallion Sales in Verden. The stallions, born in 2015, already impressed with extraordinary quality at the preselection. 111 young stallions qualified for the event in Verden that will already start on Wednesday, October 25. The last licensing results will be announced on Friday, October 27. The auction of licensed and non-licensed stallions in the Niedersachsenhalle attracts potential customers and spectators from all over the world on Saturday, October 28. They all want to be there to witness the beginning of promising breeding and sports careers in Verden. The stallions born in 2015 are extraordinarily impressive, not only when it comes to quantity, but also quality. “We compiled a collection with a broad range of hereditary backgrounds and a high level when it comes to dressage and show jumping. A top collection for breeding and sport,” says breeding and business manager Dr. Werner Schade. This is the reason why the schedule was changed. The event already starts one day earlier for the dressage stallions. They arrive in Verden on Wednesday, October 25, and accomplish a free jumping course the same day. Thursday, October 26, starts as usual at 09.00 am on the triangle, followed by the lungeing presentation of stallions in the Niedersachsenhalle as of 03.00 pm. Friday, the traditional day of free running and free jumping – starts at 08.00 am with the free running of the dressage stallions and the announcement of the licensing results and names of the premium stallions. The capabilities of the show jumping stallions over the fences are tested as of 02.00 pm. The licensing results and premium awards for these stallions will also be announced afterwards. The show presentation on Saturday morning is a novelty that was introduced last year. The premium stallions will be honoured as of 10.00 am, embedded in the presentation of successful stallions of the last years and successful show mares. The proclamation of the “Hanoverian Stallion of the Year” and “Hanoverian Mare of the Year” is awaited with anticipation. The auction of stallions will start as of 02.00 pm with the sale of premium stallions. The licensed and non-licensed stallions will then be sold in the order of auction numbers. For more information and schedule, please click on www.hannoveraner.com