Future Champions

2017-06-13T08:00:00+02:00 - 2017-06-18T15:30:00+02:00 in Hagen a. T. W. / Germany

The „Aachen of the Youth“
The Future Champions brings the young elite of whole Europe to Hof Kasselmann. As its title suggests, the competition shows the future of equestrian sport in show-jumping and dressage. Due to its high importance for the talents all over Europe the event was given its name in 2011.
Look forward to regional, national and international high-quality sport and talent encouragement for horses and riders. Furthermore, the only official German nations cup for pony riders, juniors and young riders attracts the best talents from all over the world. The 12 to 21-year-old riders regularly rave about the fantastic competition and its out-standing conditions.
Come by and experience it for yourself!