CSIOJ+Y Beijing

30 сентября 2017 - 1 октября 2017 in Beijing (CHN)
Time has come! From the 30th of September to the 1st of October the top equestrian youth athletes will be in China! For the first time in the history of the Chinese equestrian sport the official FEI event for Juniors and Young Riders (CSIOJ+Y) will be organized. While there has been quite a couple of events for the young riders in China, they had to wait until this year for the official event of the FEI. But it was worth waiting, since it will take place on successful proven soil. It will be organized in non other arena than the one in the Equestrian Center in the Chaoyang Park, which is also the host venue for the Chinese World Cup. Also in a timely matter the young riders will be close to the top stars of the international equestrian scene, as the final of the Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping – China League will take place directly after. So it is likely that some of the “experienced” riders will have a look at the young ones and support them with their riding. Responsible agencies for this project are China National Sports International (CNSI) and the German partner EN GARDE Marketing GmbH. This is already the second coup in this successful partnership of these two agencies, which brought already the world cup to China in 2011. This project, accordingly to the world cup, is concentrating on the constant development of the Chinese equestrian sports and focusing on approaching it the international level in a long-term. Therefore it is especially important for the responsible people, that already the young riders get used to the international level and that they are competing with other nations in their young age. The Chinese team can directly proof their talent and compete against the other nations, which are permanent guests at Olympic Games or World Championships. In the category of the Young Riders, teams from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands have accepted the invitation and for the Juniors the team from China has to fight against Singapore, Russia and Indonesia for the top spot on the podium. Also in terms of the horses this event is quite special. Since it is difficult to import and export horses for showjumping events to and out of China, this show will be organized on borrowed horses. That means that the horses for the Nations Cup riders will be allocated to the riders by draw. This will guarantee that the athletes will compete under the same conditions and it will be exciting to see which team will harmonize the best. If you want to see which team or which rider respectively will be the first winner at this extraordinary event, you can follow all the competitions like the presitigous Nations Cup on Saturday or the thrilling Grand Prix on Sunday via ClipMyHorse.TV.
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