CSI Neustadt-Dosse 2017

5 januari 2017 - 8 januari 2017 in Neustadt-Dosse
CSI Neustadt (Dosse) is well-established in international equestrian sport. Offering a package that surpasses the expectations and demands of both top riders and spectators, the tournament exerts an almost magnetic pull on the equestrian elite. Taking place on the very first weekend of the new year, the tournament offers the perfect start to the year. “Above all, it’s the good conditions and facilities for both horses and riders which bring us back to Neustadt year after year” enthuses Mario Stevens, one of the tournament’s regular guests. As well as the Big Tour with its many highlights, the Championship on the Saturday and the Grand Prix on Sunday, the tournament also offers the chance for a real cross-section of horses to compete. Thus there is also a Youngster Tour for 7 and 8-year-old horses on the programme. The programme is rounded off with show competitions such as a Jump & Drive or barrage show jumping, which even the top riders embrace with great gusto. “Our CSI Neustadt-Dosse offers a unique place in Berlin and Brandenburg for the many worlds of equestrian sport to meet. Beginners, local legends and the world elite”, explains Herbert Ulonska, describing the impressive mix of people the tournament attracts.  
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